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Kale Ventures and Threekit are engaged in a product/services partnership that has matured over the last two years. Kale Ventures is part of Threekit’s Premier partner tier based on collaboration, performance, communication and successful delivery for several platform implementations.


Threekit is a SaaS visual commerce platform that powers configurable 3D and augmented reality experiences across the web, primarily for ecommerce businesses. With two rounds and $60M of funding supporting them, Threekit has risen to #80 on the Inc. 5000 list and continues to establish itself as the market leader in the space.

In 2021, Threekit enlisted Kale Ventures as a services partner to install its platform on its clients’ websites. That led to additional project work for other Threekit clients, and often has evolved into direct relationships between Kale Ventures and Threekit customers.

The Work

There are multiple dimensions involved in delivering successful Threekit integrations:

  • Creating configurable 3D assets based on the nature of the product and the desired user experience
  • Configuring the product inside the Threekit platform, based on all relevant configuration logic, rules and dependencies
  • Creating a brand-aligned front-end experience
  • Establishing successful data connections between the platform, the front-end and the cart

Kale Ventures end-to-end services encompass all needs of successfully deploying a ThreeKit implementation, as well as having the ability to partner with other providers if desired by the client.

Regardless of how we engage, each project has:

  • An assigned project manager who is knowledgeable in Threekit
  • Client access to all practitioners of the work including 3D, Threekit configuration and development
  • Regular status reporting and meeting cadences
  • Documentation of the desired configuration experience, rules and dependencies before any work in Threekit is initiated

A subset of our client list specific to Threekit:

"Kale Ventures has become one of our strongest services partners. Their team has been exceptionally resourceful, communicative and capable when it comes to our partnership and delivery of their integration work. Not to mention that they’ve proven to be very sharp in their knowledge of our platform which has been valuable in our pre-sales discussions and solutioning with our customers. We look forward to continuing to grow and evolve our relationship with their team."

Slava Kovelman,

VP Operations, Threekit


Threekit’s elevation of Kale Ventures to its Premier partner tier

An exclusive invitation to be a pilot participant in the newly created Threekit training program in the fall of 2022

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