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Zilker Belts



Website Redesign + Development


Wade Green and Hill Shands have been measured about making responsible decisions to drive Zilker Belts’ growth without over-investing or taking uncomfortable risks. In order to scale distribution, they needed a strategic partner to help grow their business - something they were having a hard time finding until they discovered the capability with our values-aligned team at Kale Ventures.


Zilker Belts’ successful growth from its infancy into a reputable, authentic Austin, TX, brand has been notably organic. They’ve managed it with a small internal team, a few select partners and “friends” of the brand.

Like many e-commerce business founders, Wade was the sole pick-and-packer for Zilker Belts with all inventory stored in his home. This became increasingly problematic as the number of orders scaled to the point that it began to limited the time and energy he was able to dedicate to growing the business. He didn’t have time to build awareness for the brand and develop other opportunistic corporate initiatives to drive next-level growth acceleration, not to mention the significant irritation to his family life! Growth, though, requires trusted partners that respect the vision and corporate roadmap ahead of any specific service they provide. In the fall of 2021, Wade and Hill were having a hard time finding that trusted partner to handle product distribution.

The Work

Onboarding our team to manage inventory and distribute Zilker Belts was seamless. As we do with all clients, we eliminated complex pricing sheets in favor of a simple hourly rate to manage inventory receipt, pick-and-pack, ordering supplies, label creation, inventory counts, shipping and the various miscellaneous tasks that support product fulfillment. We worked with the Zilker team to move all existing inventory from Wade’s home to our warehouse in the course of a single day.  We took administrative control of Zilker’s Shopify store via our own Shipping Easy account, thereby unlocking shipping cost discounts for their products.

The day-to-day operations of the relationship are highly communicative, including regular details around necessary reorders, considerations for sales and planning for peak seasons. Warehouse access for the Zilker team is welcome at any time - no appointments required. We’ve built a substantial level of trust that often translates into broader operational, technological or marketing implications that we discuss and debate as part of the partnership - all in the spirit of supporting their growth journey. We simply became an extension of the Zilker team.

"I wish we’d found this solution sooner. The KV team is like an extension of our team and they treat us like family. They are especially collaborative, considerate of our product and generally passionate about seeing us succeed and making the terms of our partnership easy."

Wade Green,

Co-Owner, Zilker Belts


We established an open model where the team are free to visit the warehouse for pickups, dropoffs, inventory counts and any other miscellaneous visits. Sometimes that’s simply to say “hey!”

More importantly, we freed up the Zilker team’s time to focus on growth initiatives. Within a year they established brand partnerships with Austin FC, Texas Monthly, Whataburger and a number of other local brands that resulted in strong 2022 growth - requiring time and energy that wasn’t previously available.

Through our collaboration, we discussed how the Zilker Belts site could evolve as a way to represent their network of partners, improve navigation for shoppers, and generate more leads for a growing piece of the business for custom bulk orders. We redesigned and relaunched the brand site in the Fall of 2022.

Zilker Belts has become the anchor for the Kale Ventures fulfillment business. They’ve successfully referred us to several other B2C brands looking to solve the same problem they had in 2021. As such, in Q1 2023 we’re expanding into a larger warehouse space and evolving our operations to support our own growth journey.

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